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Study and live the English language abroad

At the New York Institute we are proud to offer and recommend the services of our well-known and trusted suppliers:

InterWay was founded in 1980 and over the last 40 years we have dedicated all our efforts to send thousands of students abroad to study languages. Since then our main objective is to offer a safe and rewarding experience to children, young learners and adults.

We are the first national company within our sector to obtain the certification of its Quality System, according to ISO 9001: 2000 by AENOR. We also belong to ESS (European School Service) and ASEPROCE (Spanish Association of Promoters of Language Courses Abroad), of which we are founding members.

cursos Inglés en el extranjero

Our mission is to offer solutions to help our customers in the process of learning a language, as well as strengthening the maturity and autonomy of the youngest ones by learning abroad. Our values ​​include excellence in service, professionalism, transparency, closeness and collaboration with students and their parents to foster autonomy and maturity.

We only work with selected personnel, organizations and schools. Our programs include leisure and cultural activities to facilitate the coexistence and the exchange with families and students of other nationalities. All the above opens the door to the perfect language and learning experience for the student.

Sending young people abroad is a great responsibility. We are proud of the trust that each father and mother places in us, accepting a big commitment. Our team of coordinators, monitors and staff are committed to make of your program an unforgettable experience.

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