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Bussines class

NYI has an exclusive methodology which determines not only which level of language competence our clients have, but also exactly which part of English they require to progress.



NYI can tell a client the cost and length of time needed for demonstrable results.

We work together with Human Resource departments or directly with the student(s) in question to identify and agree on clients’ real needs.

We also offer specific training and coaching for Cambridge and Trinity Business English exams (BEC, SEW’s).

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Additional information:

Classes can be one-to-one or in groups as required and organized into weekly-termly-yearly classes or modules as needed for special events (English for trade fairs, exhibitions, negotiating or situational English amongst others).

Class content can be designed in function of the requirements for specific / technical English: Legal English, English for Architecture or Engineering for example.

Our objective is complete client satisfaction with students rapidly being able to perform their professional requirements in English within established time frames.

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