English classes for adults and teenagers

Challenge, exercise and enjoy your English skills!

For the student who needs to maintain his/her level of English we offer fun, interesting and challenging classes: clarify doubts about grammar, explore new groups of vocabulary and learn to exchange information and express yourself with the Teacher and your classmates through pair and group work. These classes are also easily combinable with our official exam suites in case you decide to go for a real goal!

Our group sizes (6 – 9 students) allow optimum participation and involvement, as well as a great atmosphere. Come and try a class for free and …you’ll see!

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Additional information:

The methodology of these classes emphasizes the use of a variety of skills: Reading, writing, listening and speaking are all involved in every class. Information exchange exercises either in group or pairs covering a wide range of vocabulary groups including subjects such as current affairs, nature and the environment, technology and social issues, amongst many others – in New York Institute you will learn much more than English! The age range within our General English Classes is between 19 – 45 and the pace is quick and changing to maintain interest and participation.

In order to help guarantee student satisfaction we periodically carry out satisfaction questionnaires. The students’ opinions last academic year was rated as excellent.

As stated, as experts in exams at NYI, we are happy to assess you in official exams: your level and the most suitable exam type for your requirements.



English for children 4 to 13 years

 Dynamism – relevance – future

The importance of English in our childrens’ abilities and qualifications is undisputed. At NYI we consider this a big responsibility and our teaching ethos reflects that: the contents of our classes are structured in line with the Common European Framework for Languages, the educational requirements of the law of Bolonia and the most recognized official examination bodies: Cambridge University Examination Services, Trinity College London and TOEFL.

The study curriculum is delivered in a progressive, involving and entertaining way to assist long-term memorization of the subjects – perhaps the target subject will be presented in three different formats during the class: a clear presentation then practice and application through games, songs and exploration, for example.

We follow the progress and participation of each student closely both through home study and reports and give free assessment regarding the most relevant official exams. Our exclusive level assessment shows us where your child is currently in the language learning process and recommend you on how best to progress.

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Additional information:

Our methodology is centered around the concept of “Edutainment”, a combination of techniques and class content which maintain the interest and participation of the children while simultaneously teaching them. We believe in quality and not quantity of information and content: we prefer to teach selected and relevant material, subjects and skills; to show the children how to learn by deduction and interaction.

As experts in the Common European Framework and its levels and competences, we have clearly established objectives in grammar, vocabulary and communication skills which we teach in an involving way to all our young learners.
Children, teenagers, young, adults, ALL AGES… no matter how old you are, you can learn English.

We teach English from 3 years old to all ages!

We also teach in companies, public schools, hospitals and other institutions, offering educational programs of short and/or long duration.

Classes never have more than 7-8 students at the most, and we use the most updated teaching materials combined with other activities and speaking activities. We believe that is very important to help in improving the speaking of the English language.


Children – Teenager – Youth – Adults – Business