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Are you coming to Barcelona?

Do you need an interpreter? Whatever you need if you are visiting Catalonia or if you live in Barcelona and need an interpreter: Medical appointments, business meetings and tourist visits. Whatever you need, we will help you.

Language Translation: English, Spanish, Catalan.

We are specialists in interpreter services and translations written or face to face, in all kind of events, business meetings, shows, official, appointments, conferences, doctor appointments, meetings with companies, we are here to translate and help from Catalan to English, or Spanish to English, or the other way around.

If you are a businessman travelling to our area, we can help if your level of Spanish or Catalan is not high enough to carry a successful conversation in an important meeting, event, or business deal.

If you come to Barcelona or Catalonia or surroundings and need an interpreter, we will come wherever you are and with total discretion we will be there to help doing a high quality simultaneous translation.

If you have to go to an official event or any kind of business, family or personal meeting we will be there translating all the conversation in person and helping you to run a successful meeting.

The opinion of all our previous customers that have used the New York Institute interpreter services is a very good one that proves our long time experience. We can come wherever you need us to go and translate. And we can also help you on the follow up steps to be done if you are new in Spain and you are not very familiarized with how things work around here.

So, if you are travelling to Barcelona and your level of Catalan or Spanish is not high enough we are ready to come and we will help you with total discretion and professionally. Just contact us by email or by phone and we will do our best!

To Know Barcelona

Enjoy Barcelona. Barcelona is an ideal city for vacations, or to make business. It is a place of important fairs and congresses.

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